Just a guy, a guy who works in technology and has been building websites since the late 1990s.

The DaFoot handle is one that came about from using Internet Relay Chat (IRC) during my undergrad degree at Aber uni and I've just stuck with it since.

I can be found on numerous social websites, usually using the DaFoot handle or variations on the name, including Twitter and Instagram. I make no promises about ever posting anything interesting to my social media accounts.

What about this site?

The DaFoot.co.uk website is just a personal sire to post about whatever nonsense comes to mind at a particular time. 
I guess in modern parlance you could call it my blog. Somewhere I share info about stuff I'm doing but also dump info for when I will need it again in the future.

Originally registered in 2000 the dafoot.co.uk website has been around for a while now in various guises.

Why should you care?

Well I guess there's no reason at all to care, it's just another hobby site.
Albeit a hobby site that has been running a lot longer than most modern 'influencer' blogs, but with a much smaller audience. So you could call readership an exclusive club!


I keep forgetting how to enable SSL on my websites. I need a basic certificate I've no need for super certificates, I'm not a bank!
So LetsEncrypt, a free SSL certificate service will do the job nicely.

Here I describe how I install LetsEncrypt certificates using the GetSSL script on AWS EC2 instances.

LAMP setup on Amazon EC2 instance (using Amazon Linux 2).
LAMP = Linux (Amazon Linux 2) / Apache (webserver / MySQL (database server) / PHP (script language)

Some notes for future reference next time I setup a new EC2 instance ready for PHP driven sites including Joomla and Wordpress.


I'm very involved in UK Judo. Arguably too much as I give up far too much volunteering (both time & missing events as a competitor) to fulfil numerous roles which takes time away from my own training.
I really should figure out where to cut back.

An occasional thank you would be nice!

This page is a summary of my activity, I also run a Judo blog for the day-to-day stuff.

I've taken the plunge and ordered a new car. Something I had always said I'd never do, but with repairs to older cars eating into my car availability time and the option to specify exactly what I want as well as knowing I'm the first owner, I decided to go new. 

I decided a while back the car I'd like would be the Leon 2.0TDI 184BHP. It has the right balance between fuel economy, performance and price for me.

That's enough of the reasoning for a new car/choice of car, that I'll document elsewhere. This page is intended to document my experience of buying a SEAT Leon from Bristol Street Motors in Barnsley where I ordered the car.