About this site

These pages contain info about stuff I am involved in at the moment from Judo to computer programming to spiders and scorpions!

Of course if you don't know me you are welcome too! There may well be something of interest for you too here (perhaps). Try searching for articles (search box top right) 

I used to develop my site (dafoot.co.uk) coding in Eclipse and hand-cranking the PHP/MySQL. I still do on other sites I work on (eg Frozen Banana), but this site was always intended to be my experimental site.

So now I have started using an off-the-shelf CMS. Joomla! is proving itself to be a rather useful tool for me in running simple sites like this one.

Modifying / creating content directly in the live site no (/little) html/css knowledge is proving incredibly popular with clients I have created sites for. It also saves a lot of to and fro in the latter stages of developing a new site as clients can edit their content themselves using the Joomla CMS, leaving me free to work on layout etc.

Why 'DaFoot'?

Came about from using IRC too much during my undergrad degree at Aber uni.
For those not in the know, IRC is a protocol for chatting with people. We would use it to organise pub meetings mostly, no suprise really as we were mostly students in the particular chat room.

The name I used was Bigfoot, but there came a point when I couldn't get that name as someone else always seemed to be using it, after several mutations I ended up at 'DaFoot'.

I can be found on numerous social websites, usually using the DaFoot handle, including twitter (www.twitter.com/dafoot).