• Barnsley (SEAT) : Bristol Street Motors

    I've taken the plunge and ordered a new car. Something I had always said I'd never do, but with repairs to older cars eating into my car availability time and the option to specify exactly what I want as well as knowing I'm the first owner, I decided to go new. 

    I decided a while back the car I'd like would be the Leon 2.0TDI 184BHP. It has the right balance between fuel economy, performance and price for me.

    That's enough of the reasoning for a new car/choice of car, that I'll document elsewhere. This page is intended to document my experience of buying a SEAT Leon from Bristol Street Motors in Barnsley where I ordered the car.
  • Seat Leon FR TDI 184

    In September 2014 I splashed out and got myself a new car, a 2.0L diesel SEAT Leon FR. Here I present my Seat Leon impressions after owning the car for 6 months/9k miles.