• Adding IntelliJ Idea IDE to Gnome menu in Fedora 33

    I used to have a handy shortcut to my Jetbrain IntelliJ IDE installation, but with a recent update requiring manual install rather than being able to auto update as usual I found myself having to remember how I created the shortcut.

    In Gnome I can use the "Windows" key and type a letter or two of the program name to launch it. This is the behaviour I wanted for IntelliJ Idea.

  • Amazon (AWS) EC2 webserver (LAMP) setup

    LAMP setup on Amazon EC2 instance (using Amazon Linux 2).
    LAMP = Linux (Amazon Linux 2) / Apache (webserver / MySQL (database server) / PHP (script language)

    Some notes for future reference next time I setup a new EC2 instance ready for PHP driven sites including Joomla and Wordpress.

  • DaFoot's Linux experiment - going fulltime Linux

    After numerous installs of Linux since the late 90's that ultimately ended up returning to the prevalent Windows version of the time, I have now adopted Linux as my full time home PC OS of choice (starting Spring 2008).

  • LetsEncrypt SSL certificates on AWS EC2

    I keep forgetting how to enable SSL on my websites. I need a basic certificate I've no need for super certificates, I'm not a bank!
    So LetsEncrypt, a free SSL certificate service will do the job nicely.

    Here I describe how I install LetsEncrypt certificates using the GetSSL script on AWS EC2 instances.

  • Linux - sync to Synology NAS DS918+

    Just some notes on getting to a point where I could use rsync to sync data to my new Synology DS918+ NAS, just in case I have to figure it out again!

  • Wake on LAN (WOL) with Synology NAS and Fedora 32

    Notes on using Wake on LAN feature of my Synology NAS box