Just a guy, a guy who works in technology and has been building websites since the late 1990s.

The DaFoot handle is one that came about from using Internet Relay Chat (IRC) during my undergrad degree at Aber uni and I've just stuck with it since.

I can be found on numerous social websites, usually using the DaFoot handle or variations on the name, including Twitter and Instagram. I make no promises about ever posting anything interesting to my social media accounts.

What about this site?

The DaFoot.co.uk website is just a personal sire to post about whatever nonsense comes to mind at a particular time. 
I guess in modern parlance you could call it my blog. Somewhere I share info about stuff I'm doing but also dump info for when I will need it again in the future.

Originally registered in 2000 the dafoot.co.uk website has been around for a while now in various guises.

Why should you care?

Well I guess there's no reason at all to care, it's just another hobby site.
Albeit a hobby site that has been running a lot longer than most modern 'influencer' blogs, but with a much smaller audience. So you could call readership an exclusive club!


I purchased my Jabra Elite 65t earbuds in April 2019, on recommendation from a work colleague. I've been very happy with my Jabra 65t earbuds, decent quality sound both from music via phone and in calls.

They do a good job of keeping outside noise down to a minimum, to the point my office colleagues can be talking to me without me seeing them and I won't know until they tap me on the shoulder! Batteries have lasted as long as I've needed them to (couple of hours), the case they live in also acts as a charger when I'm not using the earbuds. So while not in use the battery is being topped up, so long as you remember to plugin the case from time to time. So, the Jabra 65t are decent bluetooth earbuds if you're in the market for some.

They just didn't last as long as I'd hope, thankfully Jabra were pretty good at sorting a return and replacement....


I've been working on a project for a little while now using SpringBoot (Java) for the backend REST API and an Angular (12) application on the frontend. Using MongoDB in a Docker container with SpringBoot was working well until a recent upgrade to my libraries, here's how I fixed it.

Xbox are very keen at the moment to encourage xbox gamers to migrate to its GamePass offerring.
Which in turn would reinforce the habit of downloading games rather than buying physical media.

Not sure if I'll ever get on board with it, indeed if I don't I suspect I'll end being pushed off the Xbox platform.

I keep forgetting how to enable SSL on my websites. I need a basic certificate I've no need for super certificates, I'm not a bank!
So LetsEncrypt, a free SSL certificate service will do the job nicely.

Here I describe how I install LetsEncrypt certificates using the GetSSL script on AWS EC2 instances.