Articles relating to making changes to/repairing cars I've owned. Hopefully putting these out there will help someone out there is is trying to find out how to make some of the car repairs/modifications I've already done.
My Leon came with funky folding mirrors. When I hold the lock button on the remote the mirrors fold themselves inwards towards the car, hopefully reducing the risk of idiots bashing them as they misjudge passing distances.

At some point the auto folding stopped working, this article is about fixing what seems like a common issue with the Seat Leon mk3 folding mirrors.

In September 2014 I splashed out and got myself a new car, a 2.0L diesel SEAT Leon FR. Here I present my Seat Leon impressions after owning the car for 6 months/9k miles.

After the silver boot grab handle on my Mk1 2003 Ford Focus was broken by a body shop, I purchased a replacement handle from ebay.
Here is my experience in fitting to the car.

I've taken the plunge and ordered a new car. Something I had always said I'd never do, but with repairs to older cars eating into my car availability time and the option to specify exactly what I want as well as knowing I'm the first owner, I decided to go new. 

I decided a while back the car I'd like would be the Leon 2.0TDI 184BHP. It has the right balance between fuel economy, performance and price for me.

That's enough of the reasoning for a new car/choice of car, that I'll document elsewhere. This page is intended to document my experience of buying a SEAT Leon from Bristol Street Motors in Barnsley where I ordered the car.

I had my 206 for a little while (18 months?) before it packed up, but I guess it was an old car. As with most of my used cars I wanted to replace the stereo and use the steering wheel controls for audio.

Any notes to do with repairing/altering my 2003 Focus will go in here
Anything to do with my SEAT Leon FR and buying of it