My Leon came with funky folding mirrors. When I hold the lock button on the remote the mirrors fold themselves inwards towards the car, hopefully reducing the risk of idiots bashing them as they misjudge passing distances.

Recently, the mirrors stopped folding.

The car is just (a few months) out of warranty and SEAT didn't want to know, that's a little disappointing. Worth noting if you're thinking of buying a new SEAT the end of warranty is absolute.

After some reading on a SEAT form ( about this being common problem I started digging.

So there's a position I can move the mirror position adjust knob to in order to manually ask mirrors to fold, thankfully that worked. So I know the motors in the mirrors haven't failed or any other mechanical issue, it must be software.

Seems some people have had success fixing the issue by "resetting" the electric  windows. Quite why/how the windows relate to the mirrors, I don't know but there it is. The concept of resetting windows also seemed odd to me.

Of course before going through the retracting mirror reset procedure detailed below, check in the Leon infotainment system that the folding mirror is enabled!

I've seen various descriptions of the window reset procedure needed to fix the folding mirrors on a Leon, lower windows, raise again, hold button for a time etc but none worked for me.

Time to do what no-one does - read the manual!

The manual has a section that describes the window reset procedure for my Leon mk3:
  1. Lower the window (doesn't have to be all the way)
  2. Raise the window and hold button until sure window is all the way up
  3. Release window control
  4. Hold window control in up again for a couple of seconds

After performing this procedure, my mirrors are now fully functional again. Happy days.

So if you find your auto folding mirrors on your mk3 Seat Leon stop folding, try the procedure above. If that doesn't work, try your cars user manual in the window section for the correct procedure for your car to reset the electric windows.