Xbox - because I don't want to fight with configuring windows and spend a fortune on upgrading bits of my machine every 6 months!

XpertEleven is a football manager type of game, played in either a browser or via mobile app. In the last couple of offices I've worked at I've setup a league for the office for a bit of friendly between colleagues.

2 matches a week, tactics set in advance of a match, you can play with just 20 minutes a week or as many hours as you want, depending how seriously you take it!

The fifth instalment in the Gears of War story, all about how the swarm came about

Everyone loves a zombie bashing game, right?

Well you're in luck 'cos State of Decay 2 is all about the inevitable zombie apocalypse and a group of survivors getting by.

Xbox are very keen at the moment to encourage xbox gamers to migrate to its GamePass offerring.
Which in turn would reinforce the habit of downloading games rather than buying physical media.

Not sure if I'll ever get on board with it, indeed if I don't I suspect I'll end being pushed off the Xbox platform.