XpertEleven is a football manager type of game, played in either a browser or via mobile app. In the last couple of offices I've worked at I've setup a league for the office for a bit of friendly between colleagues. 2 matches a week, tactics set in advance of a match, you can play with just 20 minutes a week or as many hours as you want, depending how seriously you take it!

The matches

Matches are played twice a week on days determined by the league you're in. At the top right of the browser window you'll see "Next match" and details of who you're playing, the date and home or away.

Setting up Xpert Eleven tactics

How do you play yours?
There are countless tactics you could use, but if you want to succeed it's worth checking out your opponent's squad. Where is your opponent strongest? Is your opponents midfield stronger than yours? Then perhaps long balls are the order of the day.
Has your opponent got forwards with skill ratings much higher than your defensive players? Then perhaps you'll want to fill your goal area with as many defenders as you can!

Choose a play maker who if highly skilled or a leader, or you might want to bluff your opponent as that player may well be on that is tightly marked so choosing someone else reduces the impact of you midfield general being tightly marked!

Look at the special skills of your players, for example if all the strikers you have selected for a match have great shooting power, maybe long range shots are the order of the day.

Xpert Eleven player squad

The number of players you can have at any time is limited to 23. So if if you have that many players and you;ve spotted a new super star in the transfer market, you'll have to sack or sell a player.

Skill changes

At the end of each season your team will get a change report, this outlines how you players ability (skill rating) has changed. To maximise the chances of a good change report, you need to get the players DV (development value) above 10 by the end of the season (higher the better). This seems to be a major factor in change values.

Player DV (development Value)

So we know we need to keep DV up for a player, how do we do that?
A player gets a rating after each match (if they played). Have a look at Squad->Last Lineup to see how your players did in the last match.

Players need to get match time and good ratings after a match to push DV up.
Performance is boosted by a number of factors:
  • How his team mates performed, eg if you have a clean sheet, defensive players are more likely to have a good rating
  • Strikers might get good rating if they score
  • Younger/less experienced players benefit from playing alongside more experienced players
  • Time on the pitch, giving him 5 minutes at the end of a match? He wont get a big DV boost
  • Keep a players form high to increase chance of a good performance
  • Some players have favourite numbers for their shirts, giving them the number they like might help!


This is kinda important in the game, the number of 'econ' you have in the bank determines that you can afford in the game.

Why do I need money in Xpert Eleven?

  • Buying players (see transfer market)
  • Form training (order from squad page) - players with better form should perform better
  • Dirty Tricks - if foul play is your thing!
  • Match bonuses (set when setting up tactics) can cause players to perform better
whether you can afford to train your players, invest in the youth team, buy new players, offer win bonuses for you team in a match and so on.

How do you earn money in Xpert eleven?

  • Obviously, selling (transfer list) players will regain some of money spent on them
  • When you login you will periodically get a 'sponsor activity', which will give you 1 million econ
  • Press releases : a weekly press release in your Xpert eleven league will get you a bonus income from your club sponsor

Potential tactics

Small squad vs large squad

Some team managers like to maintain small squads, in shorter seasons this can work particularly well as you should find opportunity for all players to get plenty of match time and so increase their teamwork and development values. This in turn should mean better end of season skill changes.

A larger squad gives you more flexibility with changing tactics, for example sometimes you might want to play more defenders, other time more midfielders in your match formation. You wouldn't have that option with small squads. A larger squad also makes it easier to cover injury without having to play injured players, it is also perhaps easier to develop junior players as you have options in when to play them.

The downside to large squads? If the league is running with shorter seasons you may find it difficult to get DV up for all players, some may end up losing skill at the end of the season.

Oh the choices!