Everyone loves a zombie bashing game, right?

Like so many other games I play, I missed the first instalment of State of Decay.
I usually ignore adverts for most things, but the trailer for State of Decay 2 drew me in....I wonder if it was the similarity to the Walking Dead TV series.

State of Decay 2 is a zombie survival game, but not just killing zombies. You need to manage your base, scavenging resources from the surrounding landscape to improve your base and create weapons etc Vehicles can be used to transport your community members and scavenged equipment so learning to repair cars is a useful skill.

Your community consists of a few characters and you get the chance to build relationships with neighbouring groups, by completing missions with/for them, eventually leading to the chance to recruit new members to your community.

Characters have their own skill sets which can be improved as they operate in the game, be careful though, once a character dies they are dead. You might have a couple that are good at fighting, you may recruit a mechanic or two, perhaps a medic. As your community gains skills so the options for building in your base changes. So if your mechanic gets killed, you will find it harder to repair vehicles. If you lose your medic, your ability to heal members of your community is diminished.

This leads to feeling attached to members of your State of Decay community as you see them develop, progress and contribute to your community. It actually felt like loss when some of my favourite survivors, well, didn't.

So while it's a bit different from my usual, straight up shooter, kind of game once I got the hang of it State of Decay 2 stayed in the xbox drive for a fair old while.

I'm in two minds about sharing tips/tricks here, part of the fun of a new game is learning to play for me. So for now I'll leave the tips out, there are plenty of sites that will share tips for games anyway.

I'll be looking forward to the 3rd instalment.