As with most of my games, I often seem to miss the first version. With Gears I've been playing since number 2.

A straight up shoot 'em up, plenty of action and the story and background to the Gears of War game series I quite enjoy too. Great for throw it on for an hour of blasting stuff.

Gears of War games are the only ones I manage to persuade my partner to play, particularly the hoard mode.
Should I be concerned she enjoys taking the heads off enemies with a gnasher (Gears version of a shotgun)?

Generally with the Gears of war games hoard has been the go-to game mode. A team game type with unending waves of enemy to shoot/blow up as a team!

The Gears of War 5 campaign I enjoyed, but it felt a bit short. The campaign just didn't seem quite as satisfying as the earlier Gears of War campaigns, but worth a run through.
I like to complete game campaigns on normal/tricky difficulty settings and returning to do the hardest setting later. I'm not sure I'll go back to redo the Gears 5 campaign, other than to find all the collectables I missed.