So from time to time I like to unwind by (pretending ;) ) to blow stuff up!

I find consoles preferable to PC, simply because when I decide to have a play I want to hit a button and go. I don't want to spend lots of time/money getting my platform just right / troubleshooting windows.
I know suitably specified PCs

I've been on the xbox platform a while (2002? 2003?) so changing to Playstation would be a big shift now.

So unless xbox mess up in a big way (eg forcing download only) or Playstation has bunch of exclusive games I really fancy I'll be sticking with xbox.

There are a bunch of articles on this site about games I am/have played, feel free to send me am xbox live friend request if we have similar game interests.

In the mean time, some stuff on Amazon to do with xbox that I recommend:

Easy charging of controllers

Venom docking station - just keep your controllers in the stand and be confident they've always got power for your next gaming session. This one is for xbox one controllers, if/when I move to xbox series x machine I'll be getting one of these for that too.

Additional storage

Games seem to be getting bigger and bigger, it's getting to a point I can only have a handful installed at a time and given the time it takes to install a game (and update afterwards) adding an external drive like this one is a quick and easy expansion. Just plugin to a few USB slot on your xbox.