Since upgrading to Fedora 18 from 17 (using FedUp to do the upgrade) I've found my favoured music player, Banshee, to be horribly unstable. It would frequently crash for no apparent reason and with no apparent pattern.

Banshee under Fedora 18 was crashing when playing mosic, when scanning library, downloading podcasts seemingly at random.

After a bit of using everyones favourite search engine I stumbled across a bug report which included a discussion on possible causes and results people have had in trying things to fix it. In particular was a post by someone saying they added another music player (Amarok) and Banshee seemed to behave. 

They narrowed it down to a couple of libraries, which I installed on my machine Banshee now seems much more stable on my Fedora 18 installation.
[root@mymachine]# yum install liblastfm
[root@mymachine]# yum install ifuse
Banshee in Fedora 19 seems to be much more reliable.