Virgin Media

Notes on experiences with using Virgin Media as my internet connection provider.

Could be issues with routers, problems with support, pricing / contract negotiations

In early 2018 I was having all sorts of problems with my Virgin Media cable connection.

After a number of calls to Virgin Media support they arranged for an engineer visit.
The engineer replaced the existing SuperHub with the latest version, the SuperHub 3 (SH3).

I was using an Asus RT N66U at the time, it is now (2020) an obsolete model really but I'm still using it as an access point instead of router.

Issues using a ROG-Rapture-GT-AC5300 router with Virgin Media.

I've had a number of problems with Virgin Media internet connection and using my own router since being "up"graded to their SuperHub 3.
In short, it didn't like my routers, periodically dropping connection to Virgin Media.

Here's some notes on what I hope has fixed the issue.

So if you've been following my rants here, the Virgin Media community forum, or on Twitter you'll know I've been having nothing but problems trying to get their shitty Hub3 working in modem mode properly with my router(s).

As far as I know at least some of the following features I want are missing from hub3 features....

  • Configure combination of static (MAC address x should always have IP y) and dynamic (DHCP) addresses 
  • Guest network, isolated from my own LAN
  • Router VPN for all network devices
  • File sharing via USB - private cloud
  • DMZ (I think the hub3 does offer this, at least to some degree)
  • Firewall configuring ports rather than just on or off (lloks like there may be port forwarding)
  • Prioritise certain traffic from my LAN to web
  • Mu-MIMO
  • Decent WiFi range - Hub3 is shockingly bad
As I think of more stuff I'll try to update here.
We've had Virgin Media providing TV, internet and landline phone (whooooo?!) for quite some time.
Well we moved into our flat in 2005 I think, still here (2020) and still with Virgin Media.

Given we're hoping to move at some point in soon, it seems silly to pay BT to put in a new line and sign up for new contracts in the flat.
So for now, we'll have to stick with Virgin Media, despite the problems.