Walking, hiking, backpacking, call it what you like. To me it's about carrying sufficient gear to be reasonably comfortable walking across hills and moors, preferably with a night or two camping on top of a hill along the way.

Thankfully there are still a few areas of the UK where you can get away from people and, if you're lucky, not see a soul all day.

This is, to me, one of the big appeals of backpacking through our countryside and national parks. That and the adventure of getting lost, carrying everything with you and the cosy feeling of being tucked up in a cosy tent when the rain is hammering down outside or wind is howling.

I started my walking in my youth on Dartmoor, but since moving north the Peak District has become my regular stomping ground. While in the Peak District it seems harder to get away from people than on Dartmoor, it does have it's charms. And there seem to be fewer bogs to worry about compared to Dartmoor.

When I remember, I'll add some walk reports and routes to this site alongside reviews of the equipment I've been using.

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