Dartmoor walks

Dartmoor ... the big bog on a hill.
As a youth a spent a fair bit of time on Dartmoor, growing up nearby.

Letter boxing, Ten Tors expeditions, Scouts, DofE, all had me spending time up there. I now live away from Devon but still make sure I get onto Dartmoor from time to time when I return to Devon to visit family.

If I remember, I'll add some notes on my Dartmoor walks here.

Many years ago, well 1995 to be a bit more specific, I took part in the Ten Tors challenge across Dartmoor.
Here I outline the route we (the Tavistock College team) completed.

Distance: approx 45 miles
Terrain: Difficult

1993. That was the year I first experienced the 'pleasures' of the army organised Ten Tors challenge across Dartmoor.
The 35 ish mile route was conducted over 2 days being completely self sufficient over rough terrain and miserable weather.

A nice day walk on Dartmoor they said. It'll be fun they said.

Well it was certainly interesting, as Dartmoor does as Dartmoor does and throws all weathers at us.

A pleasant afternoon walk near Bellever, Dartmoor

Terrain: Paths, Road, rough moorland
Difficulty: Not a hard walk, but there are a couple of hills to climb and some rough terrain

Terrain: Very rough under foot, boggy in places
Length: Approximately 15km

Not a long walk, but it did get boggy under foot. Not just the famous Foxtor Mires but above the mires to the west.