I've completed the Ten Tors challenge twice, once was a 35 mile hike and once was 45 miles. This page provides info about my 35 mile hike across Dartmoor during the Ten Tors challenge in 1993.

The weather we experienced during our 35 miler was atrocious. 399 teams started, 69 had to pull during the course of the 1993 Ten Tors event.

Day one wasn't too bad, a bit wet if memory serves, but day two was appalling delivering weather that I've only experienced on Dartmoor - very strong winds (local press reported Hurricane force wind) with heavy mist and horizontal very heavy rain. By the end of the second day I was soaked to the bone and both feet were covered in blisters.

Our approx route (bold indicates the Ten Tors we had to visit):
  1. Sourton Tors
  2. Lynch Tor
  3. Staple Tor
  4. Black Tor
  5. South Hessary Tor
    Princetown, follow disused railway to Yellowmeade Farm
  6. Great Mis Tor : Camped here - woke up in a dome tent pushed flat by wind (not actually broken)
  7. Beardown Tors
  8. Rough Tor
  9. Sittaford Tor
  10. East Mill Tor

The map

Some additional reading


Couple of photos of me in my youth!

35 mile Ten Tors - before setting off Time to drop the bag - a very wet me in pain after Ten Tors