Rab Myriad jacket

For the last few years I've been quite happy with my Paramo Alta ii jacket for most walks but it is rather warm. So when it's wet and warm I quickly get too warm.

The Rab Myriad was purchased as a lightweight summer jacket, the Paramo is simply too warm in summer. 

I've used it out on the hills a few times and it certainly lives up to what I bought it for. It keeps me dry, and doesn't get warm. Indeed it's almost as if I'm not wearing a jacket save for the rustling of a hard shell and being dry while it's raining.

The Rab Myriad is certainly light and compact, I'll weigh it and add details for you gram counters in due course. So it can live in my bag with my light warm layers (Paramo Torres) to use as conditions change.

Made from Polartec Neoshell, it feels a lot less "sweaty" than some other jackets I tried on while looking for my light summer waterproof jacket.

The pockets aren't huge, but sufficient. The hood has several adjustment points to make it snug around your head, so while it doesn't feel as robust/adjustable as the Paramo Alta ii, it is good enough. 

Overall, I'm very happy with my Rab Myriad.

Long term Myriad ownership

Time will tell how robust and hardwearing it is, as it's significantly lighter than my Paramo. I've not yet tried washing it so I don't know how the waterproofness will hold up after a wash.

So, after a handful of usages on the hills in the wet I've found the first failure of my Rab Myriad. It has a velcro strap at the end of each sleeve to put it tight around the wrist. On a walk this snapped off when adjusting it. Disappointing.