After using a Paramo Alta ii jacket for a while I started looking for a gilet (vest like insulating thing) to wear when up on the hills. There are plenty of gilets made using down, which is supposed to be very warm and light, but it's not always clear how the down is sourced.

Step up the Paramo Torres range.

I went for the Paramo Torres Light gilet, which as the name suggests is a little lighter than other Paramo gilets. It is still heavy compared to many down vests no doubt but it functions wonderfully well.

The Paramo Gilet is something I can throw on when we stop walking on top of a hill and it does a wonderful job of keeping me warm and stopping any sort of cooling by the wind.

Paramo suggest it is ideal for throwing over the top of a waterproof (to save taking clothes off etc). I have tended to have either my Paramo Alta ii OR my Torres gilet depending on the conditions. As either provide plenty of warmth, even in the colder months.

When I've been out in Peak District hills in the snow, I've found my Paramo Alta ii warm enough while mobile, but when we stopped for lunch adding the Paramo Torres gilet and sleeves did wonders for blocking out wind chill.

This is certainly an item I'd recommend to anyone who would like a fairly light item of clothing to put on to provide that little extra warmth and protection from the wind.