In 1995 I completed the annual Ten Tors challenge, the 45 mile version this time round.
The weather this time was much better than the 35 miler I completed previously, bright most of the weekend if I recall correctly.

Setting of at a storming pace on day one, we completed nearly 35 miles in the first day so were well on our way home at the start of Sunday's hiking.

According to my pinboard map we camped near the West Dart river on our way north back to Okehampton.
I honestly don't remember much of the 45 miler, the 35 mile Ten Tors expedition is much fresher in my memories for some reason despite completing it a couple of years previous.

As an event it was very successful, the local press (Tavistock Times) reported that 405 teams started with only 10 having to drop out en route.

Our 45 Mile Ten Tors route:

  1. Sourton Tors
  2. Kitty Tor
  3. Lynch Tor
  4. Beardown Tor
  5. South Hessary Tor
  6. Trowlesworthy Tors
  7. Hartor Tors
  8. Combestone Tor via Bellever Tor, Postbridge and Hartland Tor to 
  9. Sittaford Tor
  10. Steeperton Tor

Camp nr West Dart river/Huccaby between tors 8 and 9
Make use of army roads back to Okehampton base

Approx route mapped on ViewRanger