I'm very involved in UK Judo. Arguably too much as I give up far too much time volunteering to fulfil numerous roles which takes time away from my own training.
An occasional thank you would be nice!

This page is a summary of my activity, I also run a Judo blog for the day-to-day stuff.

My Current Judo qualifications / involvement

  • Y & H Director of Examiners
  • Y & H website and social media
  • Lead coach at Sheffield University Judo club
  • Organising events and handling registration for events (Y & H Area)
  • BJA 4th dan
  • BJA Level 2 coach
  • Yorkshire and Humberside area committee member
  • Nat B Referee
  • Senior examiner

Coaching success

Sheffield university Judo club regularly claim medals at competitions we attend, hopefully we'll be adding to the club website soon to start keeping tally.

Dan grades - in addition to competing myself, I've started getting players up to dan grade standard in recent years.
Which makes me feel like my coaching has reached a reasonable level.

I'm never going to be able to claim to have coached loads to black belt - as most members of the Sheffield University Judo club are only with me for 2 or 3 years.

To 1st dan:

  • David Rapley (arrived as blue)
  • Chris Webster, 2012
  • Helen Moody, 2010

My Judo history

My Judo progression through the kyu grades was as a member of The British Judo Association (BJA) in a period when there were 9 kyu grades.

In 2008, the BJA not only did away with the contest requirement for grades (which are now entirely technical) but reduced the number of kyu grades to just 6.

Info in my history refers to the 9 kyu competitive system.

The more day-to-day stuff I sporadically blog about in my Judo blog.

01/2021 I'm now Y & H area Director of Examiners
11/2019 Samurai masters (40-49) : Silver, 2 wins from 3 (lost to 5th dan). No points.
10/2017 Samurai Masters & High Grades comp, 2 bronzes and 20 points. Completed point collection for 4th dan.
06/2016 Passed National B referee exam at Kent International
09/2015 First go at "National B" ref exam at Heart of England competition. Didn't pass this time, but some useful feedback on stuff to work on.
03/2014 Samurai high grades & masters competition, bronze in each and bronze in open. Won 8/13 contests. 30 promotion points 
03/2014 Fought in USIST, won 2/3. Bronze for team
12/2013 Qualified as Senior Examiner (date may not be 100%, sometime around here)
05/2012 Samurai High Grade competition : 20 points
05/2012 Reffereed at the North of England Open. My first ranking event as a ref. Intense!
11/2011 3rd dan comp at Samurai "high grade and masters comp" = 10 points to 4th dan
05/2011 Assessed for Area ref award, passed as National C
11/2010 3rd dan comp at Samurai "high grade and masters comp" = bronze + 20 points to 4th dan
10/2010 Last 10 points for 3rd dan claimed at Yorkshire and Humberside area grading in Goole. Woop woop!
09/2010 Grading, High Wycombe. Won one, lost one. Now 8 points shy of 3rd dan. Helen got last points for 1st dan
08/2010 Grading: 3 fights. 1 win (seoi toshi)=10points, draw (held him for 18secs), loss
06/2010 Goole Open. +90Kg. Fought 2 heavy 1st dans. Came away with silver.
05/2010 Yorkshire and Humberside area grading. Fought 3 1st dans, beat 2 giving me 10 points towards my 3rd dan. Now on 72 and 3rd dan almost within reach!
04/2010 Midlands area 1st kyu+ over 90Kg. Bronze. No dan points though :(
02/2010 Bronze in Sheffield Uni team event
11/2009 Joined the Yorkshire and Humberside area committee officially
11/2009 Attended BJA Technical Congress for 1st time. Lots of interesting Judo and BJA stuff
10/2009 Samurai Masters +90Kg bronze medal, + 10 points for 3rd dan
06/2009 Silver at Goole Open +90Kg (open weight), 1st kyu+ category.
05/2009 North of England Open (Bradford). Won 2 of 3 fights to take silver.
03/2009 Yorkshire & Humberside area closed. Entered under 100Kg category and got merged with over 100Kg category. Lost both my fights :(
11/2008 Yorkshire and Humberside area team closed, fought with Sheffield uni Judo team then in team of two (rather than three) in veterans section. Took silver (of 3 teams) in veterans group. Not bad for team of two!
10/2008 Another grading, up to 42 points now, nearly half way to 3rd dan
09/2008 British Masters - took Gold in < 100Kg 30-35years group. At 30 and 6 months I must have been youngest there! Now allowed to wear 'British Masters Squad' badge :)
08/2008 20 points for 3rd dan won at a grading. Won 2 of 4.
03/2008 Started coaching at Leeds university new club to get club launched.
03/2008 Bronze in Yorkshire & Humberside closed. >81Kg group. Think weighed in just under 100Kg
02/2008 Fought in USIST competition, won the deciding match for the team to secure bronze.
04/2008 Started working on the new Yorkshire and Humberside area website
11/2006 1st go at 3rd dan grading, got 10 points but not happy with my fighting. Hurt ankle puts me out of action till new year.
05/2006 A few attempts it took, but just won my 2nd dan by line up :)
12/2005 Very nearly got my 2nd dan...lost third fight of a line up
10/2004 Looks like I will be able to revalidate into a BJA coach award after all, just have to attend one of BJA preparation courses but without exam.
8/2004 1st attempt at 2nd dan grading, just to see how I would cope. Didn't do too badly, didn't get the hiding I was expecting and even got my 1st 10 points towards 2nd dan. Good day then.
5/2004 Having moved from Wales it would appear I have to redo my coaching courses/exams as the BJA wont recognise the WJA qualification.
  Blooming nuisance it is, as the organisations are supposed to be affiliated to each other!
11/2003 Qualified as Area Referee - first rung on referee ladder. Just need lots of practise now!
5/2003 Finally won the last points needed for 1st dan. I can now call myself a black belt, feels great!
3/2002 Awarded second rank in coaching scheme (Club coach). Now I can sign up theory requirements of Kyu grades
10/2000 Passed 1st dan theory. Examined by John Perrins (6th Dan) at a coaching course.
  A gentle way back into Judo after busting arm.
6/5/2000 Dislocated elbow at dan grading in Cardiff. Don't do it, it hurts, A LOT :(
11/1999 Awarded 1st Kyu by John Perrins (6th Dan).
  First attempt at dan grading. Got a hiding :)
5/1998 Awarded coaching qualification, essential to keep the Aber club going though I would have prefered to wait a bit before taking on the coaching of the club. Still, needs must.
1/1998 Won 2nd Kyu
10/1997 Won 3rd Kyu
9/1996 Started uni in Aberystwyth, joined club there
7/1996 Won 4th Kyu
6/1996 Awarded full college colours for Judo. Felt good despite silly Bruce Lee type noises from other kids!
3/1996 Won 5th Kyu
1/1996 First grading, won 6th Kyu (low green)
  18 months-2yrs training at school after a friend took me along, he subsequently gave up


Judo related history

As part being a coach/being involved with running clubs I have had to get involved in a number of other bits and bobs.
  • First aid certificate
  • CRB Check
  • Child protection course
  • MIDAS certificate (minibus driving assessment)