Emperor Scorpions (Pandinus imperator) as a communal setup

I aquired my 3 subadult emperor scorpions in September 2014. I've kept a few scorpions in the past, so I thought I'd try a small communal setup.
Emperor scorpions are often referred to as beginner scorpions because they are robust, large and striking in appearance but also easy to care for.

For my project their communal nature made them ideal.

I have 3 in an Exo Terra 45cm cube, with coco fibre as the substrate. As with all small animals, places to hide are important for their wellbeing but also so the scorpions can get away from one another.

Exo Terra produce some nice little "caves" that work well as hides. Within a few minutes of being introduced to their enclosure the three emperor scorpions had seperated themselves one per hide.

If I look under those hides, all I see of my scorpions now are small holes where they have burrowed down into the substrate. Which reinforces the notion that Emperor Scorpions require a deep substrate.

Emperor scorpions - Not so communal is seems!

July 2015 - with a need to do a tank deep clean and wondering how the scorpions were getting on I emptied the tank and dug up the scorpions from their burrows. Having not seen them for months there is always the concern they may have died.

Well my small Emperors are now 1 larger scorpion! He's a feisty little critter, much more so than other Emperor Scorpions I've owned, maybe that's why this communal experiment didn't pay off.

Given I couldn't find any remnants of the other two, I assume he has eaten them.

General Pandinus imperator care

There are plenty of caresheets and advice on keeping Emperor Scorpions out there so I won't go into length about gneral care.

Suffice to say high humidity and warm environment are essential for the Pandinus imperator scorpion.
Aim for 80% humidity and 22-26 degrees C during the day (dropping to 16-20 at night).
In my experience with these guys, they do appreciate a deep substrate to burrow into.


Feed on crickets (readily available from many UK petshops)/other invertebrates.
Adult Pandinus imperator will take adult locust.