Cerberus (T blondi) Cerberus is a large tarantula of the species Theraphosa blondi, or more commonly known as a Goliath Tarantula.

As the name suggests, these are big, hairy spiders.

As with any pet, spiders have their requirements when it comes to housing/feeding. Cerberus is fed on mostly adult locust.

His natural habitat would be South American rainforest, so high humidity is a must. I try to maintain a minimum of 75-80% ideally more like 85-90%.

I also keep a heatmat on at one end of the tank with the aim of keeping the temperature above 20C.

Then you have the problem of fungus in the tank when it is so humid, to counter that I replaced a section of the lid with a wire mesh to allow ventilation.

A bowl of fresh water is vital, I often see Cerberus drinking from it so either the humidity is not high enough or Theraphosa blondi does not get all his moisture from his food as some online articles claim.

Some folks recommend a sponge in the water bowl to prevent drowning (animal can climb out using the sponge). I prefer to keep the bowl to a size suitable for the spider instead of using a sponge which must be a haven for fungus and bacteria. As far as T.blondi is concerned, you'd need a bucket to drown an adult!

In 2008 Cerberus made his final moult into a large adult male spider. So he has been spending his time since then stomping round his tank desperately trying to find a mate. I've not had any luck in finding a mate for him yet either :(

3rd April 2009: Looks like Cerberus died. Got to give him a poke tonight, but it looks like a tank has come free.

April 2010 - he wasn't dead (see above). In fact he lasted a full 12 months more!