H. lividum (Damocles)Damocles was my Haplopelma lividum spider I had for a few years from a tiny spiderling. Also known as a Cobolt Blue, these spiders really are as blue as the image looks. This sort of colouration/pattern I think should help people understand the beauty I see in these little animals.

There was a bit of flash used to take the image which would bring out the colour but that's it, no other tweaking to enhance colour at all!

Photo taken with Nokia N95 mobile phone.

If you are thinking about one of these impressive looking spiders as a pet for yourself you will need to remember they need a humid (not wet) environment, aim for 75-80% humidity.

Equally significant for potential pet owners, this species is a burrower. To be 'happy' they should be given a deep substrate to allow them to burrow.

H. lividum will create a burrow and will spend much of it's time in that burrow, hence earning themselves the name in the hobby of 'pet holes'!

These spiders also need to be kept warm, so in a warm room or with a heatmat (available from reptile suppliers) attached to one end of the tank.