We had a Dyson DC07 vacuum for a while, but it was old when we got it and parts are wearing out. While repairable, the DC07 it is a big machine so we thought we'd look at a compact vacuum as a replacement.

Step forward the Morphy Richards 732000 cordless / battery powered vacuum.

The invention of cordless vacuum cleaners is a positive boon, no more fighting with power cables while vacuuming or while tidying the machine away.

The Morphy Richards 732000 is a light (well, 4-5Kg) vacuum that sits in its own charging cradle when not in use ensuring it is always fully charged. It is easy to remove from and replace in the charging cradle so we've found ourselves using the hoover much more frequently than the big Dyson that required some effort to get it out.

Cordless vacuum Battery Life

So far we've not had any problems with battery life of our Morphy Richards vacuum - my main concern with going cordless. Certainly sufficient for a run round our lounge and hallway.
The Amazon listing claims a battery life of 20 minutes on the Morphy Richards 732000 vacuum, I've not yet had need to run for that long to find out if it can manage twenty minutes.

Performance or the Morphy Richards cordless vacuum

Our Morphy Richards cordless vacuum performs well enough. Sure it's nowhere near as powerful as the Dyson DC07 it replaces, but it is powerful enough for light cleaning duties.

Sometimes larger items need to be picked up by hand, but I can live with that as a trade off for the flexibility of the cordless nature of the machine.

Build design/quality of the Morphy Richards 723000 cordless vacuum

The Morphy Richards 723000 is essentially a small machine, similar in form factor to a DustBuster but with extra parts built around it to enable use as a handheld "full size" vacuum.

As a result of this construction design, the 723000 only has small dust collection box. We have to empty it on every use. As with the slightly lower suction power of a mains machine, this is a compromise we are willing to accept to have a flexible, convenient machine.

A pleasing advantage of this design is the ability to use the smaller unit on its own, which makes it perfect for other jobs like cleaning the car. 


The compactness of the Morphy Richards 723000 cordless vacuum is perfect for situations like ours, where storage space is at a premium (a small flat). The power of the machine is sufficient for our needs, but we don't have cat/dog hair to contend with so can't comment on that.