The Pioneer VSX 922 is a 2012 3D ready 7.1 AV Receiver.

The VSX922 provides a central control for all my devices that were plugged into TV directly, the xbox, DVD player, cable TV box all now plug into the Pioneer rather than the TV.

Why use an AV Receiver? 

Having all my media running through the Pioneer VSX922 means I can make use of features of the receiver for all my inputs. So upscaling of non-HD sources, surround sound, 'shaping' the sound is all handled by the Pioneer unit.

Specification / features

I won't go into great depth about features of the Pioneer VSX922 here, that info is readily available online, but I will mention features that I make use of.

  • Mobile control app
  • Upscaling of content
  • Connectivity
  • Audio profiles


This Pioneer has a plethora of connections including 6 HDMI in so plenty of room for all my HDMI enabled boxes (cable, xbox, DVD).
A front USB socket (nicely hidden when not in use) allows you to connect additional media devices such as USB thumb drives (or iProducts if that's your thing!).


The Pioneer VSX 922 features 1080p upscaling, meaning it can improve the quality of non-HD inputs to make the best use of your shiny hi-definition TV.
I've noticed a significant improvement in image quality since I've been feeding signals to the TV through the VSX922 rather than directly to the TV.

Mobile control app

Using the network connectivity of the Pioneer VSX922, I am able to control the unit using my Android mobile phone. A simple download of the iControlAV2012 mobile app from the Android market place, a couple of clicks and presto - no longer a problem if I can't find the remote control straight away! This relies on the VSX922 and your phone/tablet being connected to your network to function.

There is also a version of the app for iPhone users apparently.

Audio profiles

As you might expect for a unit that is intended to be the centre of your home entertainment setup and controlling the surround sound system, the VSX922 has a series of what I call 'profiles'.
These seem to be comparable to presets on an equaliser.

This AV receiver remembers which profile you last had set on each input, so I can switch my xbox input to always use the 'game' mode and the Cable TV input to always use 'action' or 'entertainment' profiles.

This results in a slightly different sound shape, it may (but I'm not sure) tune the image processing to particular input types. I need to read about that and find out!


I've only had the Pioneer VSX922 for a couple of days, but so far I am suitably impressed. This is the first seperate/'proper' AV receiver I've owned and the difference it makes in quality of sound and image to my previous setup (all in one DVD/Surround sound unit) is very noticable.

The Pioneer VSX922 won countless awards (eg best of 2012 at this level) and seems to be widely regarded as one of the best AV receivers in it's price bracket ("budget" end of AV Receivers at around £250 at time of writing - March 2013).

I certainly have no regrets in splashing the cash on the Pioneer VSX922.

Also consider

The Onkyo TX-NR515 seems to be worth considering at this level too, but in my reading of reviews prior to buying the Pioneer VSX922 the Pioneer came out on top in sound/build quality.
However the Onkyo TX-NR515 has one or 2 more HDMI sockets and can do upscaling to 4k rather than "just" 1080p.