Articles about Judo, info about my own personal Judo history.

What is Judo?

Despite what Austin Powers(TM) may say about it, there is no such thing as the famed 'judo-chop!

At least not in competition. Sorry if that disappoints you :)

Judo is a contact sport derived from the Samurai martial art of Ju-Jitsu.

To win a contest, a competitor must throw his opponent to his back, gain submission from arm-lock or strangle, or pin his opponent to the ground for twenty seconds.

Sounds a bit violent? Not dangerously so!
Serious injuries are not common but you can't expect to train without getting a few bruises

I practice in Sheffield, coaching and a bit of randori at the university club.

I'm very involved in UK Judo. Arguably too much as I give up far too much volunteering (both time & missing events as a competitor) to fulfil numerous roles which takes time away from my own training.
I really should figure out where to cut back.

An occasional thank you would be nice!

This page is a summary of my activity, I also run a Judo blog for the day-to-day stuff.

A few Judo links

Leeds University Judo Club

The Leeds university Judo club became an official club in spring 2008 after a student, Sarah Shearn was asking around for a coach - I volunteered to take up the position to get the club going.

There used to be a Judo club at the Leeds university, but that had gone defunct some time previously. 

In time the club moved from the really poor mats we had been allowed to use to borrowing mats from the Jitsu club. Which meant we could actually do a little more by way of proper Judo training and randori without me worrying so much about injuries!

We then moved into a bigger room - it now feels like we are proper Judo club.

So for a 2 or 3 years I was coaching Judo at Leeds university in addition to my commitments with the Sheffield University club. All was good until the club training days/times changed and I couldn't attend. It seemed the then captain of the club thought there would be a queue of coaches to take over.

Dermot Heslop kindly agreed to step in on a temporary basis, I believe the club now has student coaches but I'm not actuvely involved any more. Which is a shame.


I think I started training with the Sheffield University Judo sometime in 2004, arriving as a 1st dan. At that point Andy Miller was leading the coaching.
In time he decided to pack in the coaching and I took over....