Sleeping/camping mats

I'm in the market for a new lightweight sleeping mat for my hiking trips into the hills. I thought I had settled on the Pacific outdoor Equipment Ether Elite 6.
While looking for the Ether Elite and comparing prices online I stumbled across a few blog entries talking about the new Peak Elite (AC) that should be available in the UK any day now (Jan/Feb 2011).
Apparently it (Peak Elite AC) is slightly warmer than the Ether Elite with a claimed R-rating of 2.5-4.4 vs the Ether Elite's rating of 2-4. 
Why the range in r-rating?
The mat has extra insulation in the torso region of the mat, while less insulation in the foot area (where less important) keeps the weight down. At just under 400g, 183cm long and 6cm thick when inflated the Peak Elite AC seems a prime candidate in my shopping for a sleeping mat.
I have also considered the Neoair from Thermarest, which should pack down smaller than the POE Peak Elite, but after reading about a rustling 'quality' to the surface of the Neoair in combination with the higher price for the Neoair (~£80) vs slightly lower price for the Peak Elite AC (~£60 TBC) I have settled on the Peak Elite AC.
All I need now is to find someone who can sell me one!
Looks like I wont be getting a Peak Elite AC anymore, it seems they wont be available for a bit in the UK (Apr 2011 at earliest, limited stock)! See comments below about failed order.
Instead I have ordered a mat from 

The Ether Thermo 6 for £32 is an older model and a little heaver (couple of hundred grams) but should be slightly warmer apparently. Of course being an older model means it was cheaper at £33 instead of nearly £70 so probablyi for the best!

Feb 2013

My Ether Thermo 6 had been a very comfotable mat, but on the last trip it seems it has developed a leak. So I need to find that repair kit (that came with the Thermo 6) and have a go at repairing it. Otherwise I'm back in the market for a new mat.


First shop I've found that is selling the Peak Elite AC is for £65.99 for the regular and £52.49 for the 3/4 length sleeping mat.


I ordered a Peak Elite Ac Sleeping mat from Rutland Outdoor (see above) and got a confirmation of order email from them on 16th Feb. That email says I'll get another mail when they ship it, 6 day have gone past and no sign of that shipping email. Needless to say the money has gone from my bank account.... not too impressed with Rutland Outdoor so far, hope I wasn't foolish buying from them.
EDIT - how's that for coincidence. Half an hour after I edit this page to say I was waiting for notification of dispatch I get an email to say it will be sent late this week!


Yesterday I chased this up on email (non delivery). Rutland Outdoors got back to me quickly and were kind enough to be honest and tell me they don't have stock and don't know when they will have stock. Which makes me wonder if they have had any of the Peak Elite AC mats in stock at all at any time.
So the order has been cancelled and now I have to wait to see that my money is returned and resume the search for someone with them in stock.